Path of Discipleship


Thank you for checking out our Path of Discipleship. Here at Evangel Church we realize that the primary reason we exist is to create disciples of Jesus who are transformed into His image both in character and activity. This path is simply a way for us to help you grow progressively toward that end goal.

Coming to understand God’s Word for ourselves and growing to love it.

Learning to approach the throne of grace with confidence with an emphasis on hearing God’s voice.

Pt. 1 – Understanding who and what we are in Christ.

Pt. 2 – Set Free

Studying the core doctrines of evangelical Christian faith and how they impact our lives.

Pt. 1 – Understanding and utilizing the gifts God has given us for ourselves and for our world.

Pt. 2 – Empower

Biblical community as a primary tool for growth into the loving and compassionate image of Christ.

Becoming confident storytellers of the Gospel.

What it can look like for every one of us to GO into our world.

Imitating Jesus as we intentionally and relationally live out our discipleship journey with others.